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Thyme oil


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Plants or aromatic herbs have been used since antiquity to preserve healthy environments in populated homes. Nowadays, oils obtained by cold pressing of various plant seeds are used as natural treatments for combating various diseases, but also for their special flavor. The essential oil of thyme (10 ml) is known for its properties
pulmonary antiseptics,
antitussive and
being a good remedy to combat respiratory ailments.

With effective results and in treating rheumatic pains or osteoarthritis, essential oil can be applied in areas affected directly on the skin by light massage.
It can also be mixed in bath water, being effective in wound healing, pediculosis, dermatoses and furuncles.
How to use 100% pure Cimbrisor oil

Massage: 4-6 drops of essential oil incorporated in a vegetable oil.
Bath: 5-10 drops in bath water.
Aromatherapy: 3-5 drops mixed with water.




Foarte bun!

Copilul nu a mai facut crize epileptice de cand este sub tratament alopat, dar, de cand ii administram si uleiul, se si simte mai bine!

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Thyme oil

Thyme oil

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