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The oil, cream or marigold extract is very common in alternative medicine but also in allopathic medicine due to the therapeutic effects recognized and known since antiquity. With properties

epithelizing and
marigold oil is recommended for care

sensitive skin,
the fragile skin,
of the skin affected by irritation or superficial injuries,
of the skin affected by redness or cuperosis,
is also suitable for skin care for children.
Method of production: by maceration of marigold flowers in refined soybean oil (from non-genetically modified soy) and addition of vitamin E

Organoleptic properties: clear orange liquid, medium viscosity, characteristic odor

On the skin: Absorbs something slower, not very fat

The properties of marigold oil

anti-inflammatory, decongestant
antioxidant due to the content of carotenoids and flavonoids
soothing, emollient
healing, promotes skin regeneration
repairer, epithelium
antiradical, photoprotector
Recommendations, applications

in case of skin irritation, small wounds, injuries, frostbite
dry, sensitive, rough skin
childcare, fragile, delicate skin,
aged, wrinkled
sunburn, swelling of the skin after shaving and epilation, insect bites
hives, redness, cuperosis
eczema, psoriasis
How to use marigold oil

is a product that can be used as such, applied directly to the skin
as an ingredient in cosmetic preparations for skin care for children
as an ingredient in cosmetics for skin care: creams, lotions, ointments, conditioners
along with other ingredients for making a cream or beach oil
as an ingredient in conditioners, ointments and creams with local application
as an ingredient in diaper cream

Storage: in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight


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Marigold oil

Marigold oil

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